The Integrity System has impacted our patient care in three major categories:

Purpose: As with anything that is important, understanding the WHY is more important than the WHAT. In our office we regularly discuss our “Goal Flowchart”:
– Change the health of our community
– By getting 80% of our community under CHIROPRACTIC care
– By making lifetime CHIROPRACTIC patients who refer
– By creating raving fans of CHIROPRACTIC and raving fans of OUR OFFICE

Understanding our awesome purpose makes it that much simpler to implement, execute and repeat a system of procedures designed to help us achieve our goals. We love that we have Integrity conferences to regularly attend to stoke the fire in case we are waning in our purpose and passion. We love that we have the Core Values to refer back to like a north star that remind us WHO we are called to be, HOW we are called to behave and WHY that is so vital in fulfilling our God-given purpose. We love that we have the Success Principles to remind us that there is a ”code” to follow to ensure success and that success will not happen by chance, but by being intentional.

Efficiency and repeatability: One of the greatest benefits of the Integrity System is that it takes the “guess work” out of our days at the office. How we answer the phone doesn’t change based on someone’s mood or personality, or how much of a hurry they are in or what day of the week it is. What we do when a new patient comes in doesn’t change from day to day or week to week. What a doctor says to a patient in a report of findings or daily visit does not change. We have a proven system that guides and directs our procedures and with that repeatability we can have maximum efficiency and maximum confidence in what we’re doing every day.

Education: We love that the Integrity System has layers of education that help our patients to understand the lifetime benefits of chiropractic care. From the first day a patient walks in our office to their 1000th visit , we are reminding them of their body’s amazing capacity to heal itself and how chiropractic helps to unleash that amazing power. The really cool thing about the education built into the Integrity System is that it not only educates the patients – helping to create lifetime chiropractic who refer – but it also helps to keep each of us on purpose by reminding us of the power we have to impact people’s lives and the impact we can have on our communities and world!

Dr. Zac Leslie