Scripting Secrets All Chiropractors Should Know

Scripting is a powerful tool for assuring that chiropractors deliver their desired patient education messages.    Professionals of all sorts rely on scripting to guide their production or performance, and doctor-patient conversations should be no exception.  Using a prewritten script to guide this performance assures that the message is delivered at the right time, in understandable language and in a format that properly connects with the patient.

Yet, It is human nature to reject scripted dialog in favor of more comfortable, naturally flowing language for the speaker, even if it completely destroys how the listener perceives and understands the message.  And we can attest, chiropractors are notorious for falling into this very trap.  In fact, the professional world is rife with examples where failing to follow a scripted performance will obviously ruin the outcome.  For over 30 years Integrity Doctors has been producing effective patient education dialog to help chiropractors overcome this challenge and build the practice of their dreams.


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