When I first started with Integrity Doctors as a Quickstart, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was hoping that Integrity Doctors would make it easier for me to be successful, which it HAS! One thing I really didn’t expect was that the patient care would be so much better! I was a preceptor for another chiropractic office who was not with Integrity Doctors, and when I first opened my office I tried to replicate his office. I did that because it was easy for me to see what he was doing worked. At least that is what I thought. He had what a thought was a thriving practice but I have come to realize that his practice was really a pain based clinic. Although the wellness message was slowly incorporated into care, it was nothing like the Integrity system. So about 6 months into practice, things weren’t going so well for me based on his system. I decided one day that if I could start to utilize the Integrity systems and procedures to 100% that I could PROVE that it didn’t work. I just knew that if it didn’t work at least I could blame someone other than myself! So after the first month of the Integrity Systems I started to see results. Our patient compliance went way up. People started scheduling their care without any sort of problems. We were addressing the very things that were keeping people from coming in. I was amazed at the results we started getting with chiropractic! Going through chiropractic college was like trying to find something that was going to help people with all these “extra” things. I didn’t realize how well JUST chiropractic works. I’m now very proud to be JUST a chiropractor, because there aren’t many of us! Chiropractors think they need different methods, supplements, therapies, and then they put down other chiropractors who aren’t doing it “their way”. We shouldn’t be putting each other down just because they use a different technique! The great thing is that CHIROPRACTIC works! I just didn’t fully understand it until I saw it for myself in practice. After about 3 months of the Integrity Systems being utilized we started to have a thriving practice. Our referrals went up drastically, and I realized patients were coming in because they wanted care, not just because they liked me. I tried so hard when I first opened to make everyone like me; I wasn’t focusing on their condition like I should have. With the Integrity System I have been able to focus on patient care like I should have from the beginning. For me, seeing is believing. When I joined I thought this would work well for my personal gain, which it has, but what I didn’t expect was to see how much better the Integrity System is for our patients. It is always a pleasure to have students come shadow our office and when they are done they say, “Wow, you treat everyone so differently, but they are all getting adjusted and getting well”. When we focus on the patient’s condition and not on being their friend, the results are AMAZING!! Thank you Integrity Doctors!!

Dr. Dean Dierksen