Integrity Doctors has affected our office in many ways from better patient care, friendly customer service, helped us get more involved in our local community and inspired us to lead patients into wellness care.

By learning and applying the systems laid out we are able to help people coming in for pain based care an help them to understand what chiropractic care is really about so that they want to stay for wellness care. From the first visit before they even meet the doctor they watch the introduction video and they see how chiropractic care is about more than pain- that it’s about health and how the function of the nerves improves health of all the other body systems. Then the doctors come in and learn more about their specific concern and future goals when it comes to their health. Then an examination is performed, many of the patients who have even been to chiropractors before never received an examination or xrays. The exam may help them to see some of the reasons they are in pain or the posture analysis may enlighten them, and then xrays are performed. Then we let the patient know that we will be studying out the xrays that evening and find the problem and the solution for them and will be ready to report it to them the next day. They are then escorted to the front desk and scheduled the next day for a report of findings. In their report of findings we let them know that we can help them and that we want them to feel better, to move better and to stay better. We go over the xrays and help them understand why they have been feeling the way they have and in some cases explain how the condition has been going on much longer than their pain. We then go over a treatment recommendation accomplish the goals of pain relief, functional improvement and wellness. They learn about wellness well before it is time for wellness care so that they can understand the importance of it. Kind of like getting braces on your teeth and then wearing a retainer to maintain the improvements and to maintain good spinal and nerve health. Many patients are exited to have discovered this new form of actually staying well! Others are appreciative to finally have someone explain what is wrong, what is the cause, and a sensible approach to actually fix it instead of just a cover up.

It has been very gratifying to learn and deliver the Integrity approach to patient care. One cool benefit is that our staff has seen so many lives changed and all the patients that keep chiropractic care as a priority in their lives regardless of cost. They see patients in some cases adjust their budgets in other areas to make room for chiropractic and to make time for chiropractic and to schedule their chiropractic care before their other appointments. They have witnessed babies and the elderly’s body’s ability to heal after the adjustment and they can share that with our community and within our office to our patients family members or to new patients that may be a little skeptical or scared. Chiropractic has also greatly blessed the lives of each of our team members significantly. Taking my staff for the first time to an Integrity summer spectacular was an awesome experience that has made us a better team, built our trust and relationship much stronger and increased our commitment to changing the health of our community by getting our patients to wellness care by following the Integrity Doctors system. I hope that this gives you a glimpse into the many benefits of how Integrity Doctors have helped us help patients in a much better way than just fixing back pain. I’m grateful for how they have helped me to reach more people and find more joy in practice.


Dr. Ryan Browning
Kyle, Texas