I joined Integrity five years ago because I wanted help improving my office systems. I knew this would help me grow my practice and better serve my community. At the time I only had myself and one staff member, we saw 400 visits per month, 30 new patients and collected around 15,000 dollars per month. Over the last several years integrity has helped me build and train my staff, put in a solid protocol for handling new patients, billing, and running a successful practice. I now have an associate, 4 staff members, and we see over 1200 visits per month, 74 new patients a month, and over the last three months our average collections are over 54,000 dollars per month. What I am excited for most is the huge growth potential we still have. Integrity helped me formulate a plan and with regular coaching I have stuck with my plan and put the steps in place to grow my practice.

I love that Integrity has so many ways to access and learn information that can help me improve my practice. I started with weekly calls with my coach where we discussed my five-year plan and what steps I need to take to accomplish my plan. We started tracking and reviewing stats to determine how much progress I was making towards my goals. We use those stats to determine what areas the office is strong in and where it is weak. We also use those numbers to insure we do not lose progress in our strong area’s while we build up our weaker ones. My coach and I regularly review our marketing plan and work to implement more ways to improve our new patient flow. As my office has grown my challenges have changed. My coach helps me identify new problems and create solutions to them right away to prevent us from losing momentum. I have found the coaching to be phenomenal and its just what I have needed over the years to make it to this point.

I regularly visit the client connection page to access information to help me train my staff and improve my systems. The information is up 24 hours a day so I can access it during my down times or at home so I can continue to grow and learn. The conferences are great for helping re-energize myself and my staff. We always come away from a conference feeling like we have work to do. I have also met some of my best friends at these conferences and we talk regularly to boost each other up. I cant recommend a better organization, or group of people to be a part of. Integrity has helped me grow so much over the years and I am blessed to work with them.

Dr. Kevin Farrar