Making Life Easier Before Graduation

How do you choose a chiropractic mentor as a student? You are smart enough to realize you can’t do it all and do it well. Whether you are a recent chiropractic college graduate, or just starting out your academic journey, you realize it takes a lot to make a successful practice possible. Chiropractic college gives you the skills you need to practice quality chiropractic by teaching you how to give your patients the best care possible. But colleges lack quality courses in business and customer service to give you the skills you need to run a modern, up-to-date, successful, and economy-smart practice. Why wait, when you can start learning how now!

Scripting Secrets All Chiropractors Should Know

Scripting is a powerful tool for assuring that chiropractors deliver their desired patient education messages.    Professionals of all sorts rely on...

Credit Score Secrets All Chiropractors Should Know

Knowing & Improving Your Score Every wonder what your Credit Score is or how it could impact your opportunity to get into practice? We take a...

Believe The Impossible Is Possible

Do you believe in miracles? I do! I’m not blind. I have seen the impossible happen. My life is full of the impossible—that became possible! How...

Bring Power To Your Position

As you know, I love to study success. Some of my favorite subjects of success are the “surprise” success stories – the “who would have thought it”...

Watch Your Stats Like You Would Your Scale

You will always be tempted to not know your stats - TO NOT LOOK AT THEM . . . maybe dig your head in the sand and say you’re "too busy.” And when...

Pray NOW For Your Future Practice

Your life and practice should require prayer – the miraculous. The supernatural. Your dream should be beyond what you can do on your own! Prayer...

Learn From Others Mistakes and Successes

This is perhaps the easiest essential and yet it may be the least used by the population! Why do we have to learn stuff on our own? Can we learn...

A True Wellness Practice

The fear I have every time I say wellness is that the doctor doesn’t know I am talking about chiropractic. The adjustment! Wellness means patients...

Get Leaders in Your Future Practice

When it is time to get started in practice - where should you go first to get new patients? Well, remember this: Leaders multiply your practice and...

A Professional Image

There is a reason the President lives in the White House. If you have ever been to the White House you know . . . it creates an amazing image. And...

Keep Your Word

This is another word for dependability – trustworthiness – and encourages people to have confidence in you. It is essential that you start out in...

Don’t Do Percentages

It’s a business trick to get you to pay an amount you would NEVER pay if they asked you, outright, to pay that amount. This happens more than you...

Don’t Do Business With Bad People

I know this sounds like a “Duh” and yet so few people heed the warning! Why? Bad people always seem to have a good deal. And we LOVE to get a good...

Advertise A Lot!

“Advertising is like knowledge - a little is a dangerous thing.” P.T. Barnum One of the biggest limiters to the growth and popularity of...

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