Integrity Doctors has been instrumental in making sure our clinic was successful from the first day we opened the doors. By utilizing all the staff training and marketing procedures, we were able to impact our community in a HUGE way! We had patients knocking on our doors before we were even open. Thankfully, the staff were already trained and had no problems handling the patients even though we hadn’t officially opened. After being open for a year, we had a successful Patient Appreciation Day that resulted in 100 patient adjustments and over 20 new patient referrals! Not to mention the $4000 that was raised and donated by our office to local nonprofit organizations like our public schools and Junior League of Hampton Roads. All this in the first year, when most clinics are hardly surviving. With Integrity we were thriving from the first few months.

Not far into our second year, our office became profitable! We attribute this in large part to the training that Integrity Doctors provides for Insurance Collections. We were able to keep our financials clean and make sure we were getting paid for the work we were doing! Integrity took the fear out of working with insurance companies and we have been able to stay in network with most major insurance carriers in our area.   We wont claim that working with insurance companies is easy, but with Integrity’s billing training and “binder system” we’ve been able to keep insurance companies accountable for paying the services we offer. In turn, our patients win! They are able to use their benefits with our office and get to wellness. We are one of the few clinics that are in network with a few particularly difficult insurance companies to work with! Our Billing CA has succeeded so much with Integrities collections systems that she collects over the 95% most months!

The third year in practice has been all about wellness. Our doctors here at Lemmata say that the complexity of the chiropractic cases they get walking in the door here in Virginia is higher than anywhere else they’ve worked. Most of this is due to no preventative chiropractic care in this area! Our office is one of the first few offices to open that specialize in wellness and preventative chiropractic. All other chiropractic performed here is based around pain and car accidents. Patients are so used to waiting until they are literally falling apart before even considering chiropractic. And this is what we are here to change! Maintenance and preventative chiropractic were foreign words in our community! We have literally had to fight for every maintenance patient we have grown in the clinic. The really great thing is that “working” for wellness was easy with Integrity systems. From day one, patients start hearing about wellness in the wellness video. By following all the systems from Integrity from the How To Stay Young Class, to the Wellness reports, and Wellness videos, we are now rocking our wellness practice! And again, the patients are winning! Parents are bringing in their children and our Kids Day has gotten so popular that we’ve been forced to turn some patients away since Kids Day gets AMSed so heavily. This is true chiropractic wellness! This is what chiropractic is about.

Integrity has allowed us to grow our practice and in turn start our journey of getting 80% of our community under chiropractic care. With Integrity Doctors, we are thriving and growing chiropractic at a phenomenal rate.   We are so glad we chose to start with Integrity system and procedures from day one!

Dr. David Martinez