We all have life events that we can point to where we say “that was a game changer.” Without “that” event life would unequivocally be different. In our ten years of practice, two of those events come to mind. In our first year of practice, Pre-Integrity I might add, we were coached to take on a bit more than we could chew. Though we were growing and starting to make a difference, we were simply running out of money too fast despite our growth in numbers. Our practice had a matter of weeks to keep the doors open unless we had a miracle. That miracle (or angel as I like to think of her) came in the form of the most unassuming patient you can imagine. She was rough around the edges and there was zero reason to think she had any money let alone extra. When she came into the office and asked to speak with us our first reaction definitely wasn’t “Jackpot, our prayers have been answered!” Quite opposite, actually. However, much to our jaw dropping, eye brow raised, left speechless surprise she said “I don’t know why but I came into some money and I thought that maybe you could use it. I believe in you guys and you have helped me so much.” Long story short, she came to us with a $78,000 (yes, that is not a typo).

The second life changer in our practice has been joining Integrity. Not only has the system helped us hire great people, train people with a purpose, explain what we do and need to do in terms that people actually understand, get new patients, keep those patients to change their long term health, and educate them on what they need to do to live a high quality life as they age….the system allow us to do this while having fun and enjoying life both in and outside of the office! Most importantly for me; however, the Integrity system and the leaders within it have taught me how to dream again. Ten years ago, I was hoping to survive in one practice. Now, we are a month away from opening our first Super Clinic with more to come. Next week we are having our first Strategic Planning Session in years to clarify the vision and have some fun doing it. Without the system we are average at best. Without dreams, we are realists and being stuck in that reality would “really” suck. With the system, we can help change the health of this world and that’s a dream that Integrity Doctors together across this land ARE making come true.

Ten years ago, we were just hoping to keep the office door open. Now, with our “second angel” (Did you just picture Keith as a cherub too? Don’t lie!), we are looking to open office doors all across Chicagoland!

Dr. Darrin Redinger
Elmhurst, Illinois