In golf they call it a mulligan. The ability to start over. Swing again! The last shot didn’t count. It is as if it never happened. What did you do? Well, you took a shot and it went in the wrong direction. But with a few instructions and a few corrections you can play a lot better, get a lot better results, and enjoy the game a lot more. What is the right thing to do? Should you play the ball you hit first that is 10 feet under water? Take a penalty shot? Quit? Or what if it was legal to take a mulligan – a start over – a fresh start off the tee box as if the last shot never happened! Would you take it if you could?

In practice, you may have encountered a bad start. Or a bad year. Or as one doctor said, a bad decade! What should you do? Quit? Do something else? Keep practicing the way you are and digging a deeper hole? No – none of those options are the right one.

Dr. Michael Fortini On Integrity Management

What we are offering you is a practice mulligan. It IS legal! The ability to have a fresh start in practice and experience practice the way you THOUGHT it was going to be! We have structured our Fresh Start program so you can get started with us at an extremely affordable price even in the tightest financial situation. This is your mulligan! Take it! The truth is, with a few instructions and a few corrections practice could be a whole lot better and more fun! It can go the way you envisioned it and even much more. Take your fresh start mulligan and call today!

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