The Integrity System has impacted my patient care in so many ways. This impact starts before the patient even comes into the office. We get many compliments on our website. Patients have told us that they have chosen our office because of our site. I appreciate knowing that I don’t need to keep making changes to this site or looking for content for my site. Everything that is needed to get a potential new patient into my office from my website is on there.

The patient education system has been amazing. The report of findings and wellness reports have become an essential tool in educating our patients to help them understand why they need to start and continue with chiropractic care. The new patient video and Destination Wellness videos are also wonderful education tools. I love the consistency of the wording and images within the whole system. I feel that this will help the patients learn and remember the information that we are giving them to help them understand chiropractic care.

While we all know that change can be challenging at times, I appreciate Integrity’s approach to consistently improving this system but updating our reports, videos and classes.

The Integrity System has also been extremely helpful in training staff. For the doctors and the staff the scripts have made consistency possible in our office. We know that having many staff and multiple doctors that it is so important that we are all on the same page and all saying the same thing to our patients. Scripts build confidence with every interaction with our patients because we know what we are going to say instead of just coming up with things as we go. Almost three years ago my family had an opportunity that caused us to move 1000 miles away from my practice. I know that there was no way that we would have been able to make that move if we had not had this amazing system in place in my practice. My practice has grown since I left and I’m confident that is because of the Integrity System and the people in my practice that are implementing all the parts of it all the time.

Dr. Jenifer DeWald