The Integrity System is the foundation of how our offices operate. Every aspect of the System is to benefit the patient. In turn, our office has an exact blueprint of how every patient should be treated. We look at the System as our preflight checklist. If we want each patient to make it to the destination of wellness we know it is a must that they receive every procedure in the Integrity System. The System begins at the moment the patient walks in the door with how they are greeted by our staff. We want the patient to know we are thrilled they have chosen us to care for their health. The patient is then comforted by the staff as they take them back to the consultation room with the Right Place Promise. This is designed to put their fears to rest and let them know that our staff are not just there to do a task. They have seen the life changing benefits of Chiropractic care and continue to receive care for wellness purposes. After the doctor performs a thorough consultation and examination the patient is scheduled the next day for the Integrity Report of Findings. All of the patient’s questions will be answered during this knee to knee time laying out what is wrong with the patient and our treatment plan to bring them to wellness. As the patient transitions through their care every 6 visits an Integrity Wellness Report is given to update the patient on where they are at in their recovery and to remind them that the ultimate goal is wellness. The Integrity How To Stay Young presentation will be given within the first two weeks of care with every new patient. This 25 minute presentation educates the patient on lifetime Chiropractic wellness care and how this is essential to change their mobility scale. It is becoming a very real possibility that our patients will make it to 100 years and we want each one to not outlive their mobility!! Each daily visit with the patient we execute the 6 point office visit. This is used to guide the table talk during an adjustment. We want to tell the patient how they are doing, ask them how they think they are doing, grade our adjustment, remind them of the three things that occur with each adjustment as we are removing nerve interference, give them encouragement, and remind them of the next appointment. At the third Integrity Wellness report we again have a knee to knee discussion with the patient congratulating them for reaching a stabilized condition and reaching wellness care. We want to remind them of the mobility scale and how essential the Chiropractic adjustment will be in preventing them from outliving their mobility. Typically we will recommend returning to care 1-4 times per month for the rest of their life. After the report we then show the patient the Destination Wellness video that shows testimonials of patients that are on Chiropractic wellness care. To end the visit the patient will be given VIP status by letting them pick when they would like their wellness visits to be scheduled each month for a year. The Integrity System fits perfectly with our purpose of seeing 80% of the population on wellness Chiropractic care to change the health of our World!!

Dr. Chris Robinson