Integrity Doctors system has impacted patient care more than I expected. I especially enjoy their educational tools, because I can see the difference they make in the patient’s understanding of acute care and wellness care. We all know our patients have less mobility problems or pain flare-ups when they are seen on a regular basis. The scripts help us get the message to the patient in a way the patient understands. Scripts also help us be more confident in what we are saying and I believe I am accurate in saying most people would prefer a doctor who looks confident when they are evaluating or treating.

The system is designed to have enough of the same messages repeated to help the patients understand what it takes to have healthy joints. Although, I need to be more persistent with implementation of ALL 3 progress reports, I believe they are a very effective tool for the patient’s transfer to wellness. The patients tend to refer more patients when we work on training and planning to meet our goals. With our systems and timing of the patient care and not adjusting on the first day, our patients know they will not be at the office all day if they don’t want to. They can get a fast and effective treatment and be on their way to finish all the things that need to be done.

The How to Stay Young presentation is phenomenal! I have had many lunch and learns of over 20 people and I have above 50% schedule rate with payment for the last year. Many of these patients would still be suffering from their ailments, possibly falling into the trap of MRIs, NCV tests, medications, injections and ultimately surgery. I have a patient that reminds me occasionally had I never went to his wife’s work to give the presentation, she never would have scheduled him an appointment. He tells me he didn’t know what he was going to do and was fearful of the medical route. This helps encourage me to keep giving this presentation, because people truly don’t know how successful chiropractic is, what we do and many don’t understand how or why it works. Integrity’s system has made sure that all their questions are answered.

When the system is done even 50% of the time, patients are left satisfied with their experience, feeling better and ready to stay, pay and refer. Imagine if we were doing 100% of the system, 100% of the time! We would be unstoppable. The community would be getting 100% effort from the office and have better mobility for the rest of their life. When the patients are happy, the practice is happy. Integrity’s 12 principles are a great addition to a daily reminder of what it takes to be successful. If only, I were dumb enough to do the system 100% of the time. The patient’s experience depends tremendously on a system, scripts, passion to help and the ability to show patients you care.

Dr. Robert Fisher