Does opening a practice make you nervous? Are you confident about how to get the body well but not so confident about opening a business? Have you ever done this before? Don’t you think you need some help? Some training? You took at least three years learning how to get the body well shouldn’t you take some time learning how to do the business well? This is your career. You have a lot on the line. Don’t gamble. Don’t use the Braille system for something as important as this. You CAN know the RIGHT things to do You need to practice with INTEGRITY! If you are going to open a practice you might as well open with the biggest and the best – you deserve it!

Did you spend $200,000 and years in Chiropractic College just to associate? If you thought you could make $40,000 a month on your own, would you really want to associate? Integrity Management makes it all possible! We are the experts and do have answers for you. Integrity Management opens more than 200 practices a year so if you are going to open a practice you might as well open with the biggest and the best – you deserve it! You CAN achieve your dream of opening your OWN practice and succeeding! Just as you LEARNED how to heal the body, you can LEARN how to run a successful business!

The QuickStart program is one of kind and was designed for students, new graduates and doctors opening their first practice to ensure the success of the practice and help you achieve your dream! We have a 95% success rate!

Quickstart Program Benefits

Financing – Integrity Management has an awesome business plan! Hundreds of QuickStart clients have presented it to banks all over the country and bankers have told us, it is by far, one of the best business plans they have ever seen. A QuickStart consultant will help you complete the business plan to suit your individual needs and will prep you for your interview with the bank. When you have the best, why waste your time on less!

Location -An Integrity Management QuickStart consultant will help you make decisions on the most desirable location. The old adage – Location, Location, Location, still holds true. We have the most up-to-date tools to help you make the location decision. We will help you with full location and demographic analysis to make sure you get the best location possible. What about location leasing? How long should it be? How much? Is there any free months? Is there a non compete? There are lots of important questions – do you know them all? We will protect you!  Once we have helped you find the right space for your needs, you don’t have to hire an architect, contractor, or builder to help build your dream practice! We will provide you with floor plans to fit your practice dreams. Use the pro’s to get a step up on the competition!

Equipment – Equipment is a big investment. You need someone to help you spend your money wisely. We don’t “partner” with product companies. Why? So we can truly recommend what is best for you and not what makes us money. There is a reason our name is INTEGRITY. Whether you are purchasing new or used equipment we have the contacts to get you the best deal possible!

Staff Training – These will probably be the first employees you have ever hired and you want to do it right. Using the best interviewing questions and protocol will allow you to make the right choice. All the interviewing and staff training materials are available free on the Client Connection Page.

Marketing – You can waste a lot of money marketing. You can buy an expensive office and have no patients in it. We know how to fill your office with marketing that builds YOUR image and the image of chiropractic! Our Client Connection Page has all the marketing materials your practice will ever need to grow and thrive in your area.

Easy Procedures – it doesn’t do any good to get a lot of new patients if you don’t keep them! Chiropractic College did not prepare you to open a practice but Integrity Management can. We will teach you everything you need to know to have a successful practice and how to implement a patient centered first and second day visit that leads to successful treatment plans and wellness visits.

Collections – How do you get on plans? What plans should you be on? How do you get on Medicare and Medicaid? Should you be providers? We know the RIGHT answers. There is no need to worry about collection procedures and insurance coding – we have them for you. We will train you and your new staff on everything you need to know to make sure you are compliant with all the latest insurance protocols and facets of Obamacare.

Integrity Management is proud to provide all of these incredible features along with our industry leading consulting. Our team of Quickstart consultants specialize in starting new practices and work only with Integrity Doctors in the QuickStart program. The QuickStart program has been specifically designed to ensure the success of the new clinic and quickly build your practice to levels you never though possible. As you start to think about what to do after graduation, if you wonder if you will qualify for a loan or if you question your ability to handle the business side of owning your own practice – pick up the phone and give us a call, 800-843-9162 x20. One of our Integrity Management Team Members will have a one-on-one consultation with you to help you determine the path you want to take.

Integrity Management helps hundreds of students and beginning doctors every year achieve their dream with the QuickStart program. Become one of them . . . become part of the 95%!

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