I have used Integrity Doctors since opening my office in October 2016. Before then, I worked for an Integrity Doctors clinic where I was able to learn the systems and grow as a new doctor fresh off the press. Since opening my own office, Integrity has helped me to establish a niche in my small community and grow my practice faster than I initially expected. The five-year plan has really helped me to set goals, track progress, and make necessary changes along the way. I appreciate the accountability that my coaches have offered from day one, requiring me to be my best self and keep a tight hold on the statistics of my practice.

In regard to patient care, Integrity Doctors has allowed me to put a system in place that not only works for my staff, but also for my awesome patients. With a cohesive message across the board, we as a team are able to educate our patients, ensuring that they fully understand not only the value but also the necessity of chiropractic care. I believe that a doctor’s office is so much more than just the doctor and the medical treatment; it is an experience that starts with the initial phone call and continues through every office visit. Integrity Doctors ensures that this experience is top-notch and worthwhile for each and every patient.

Integrity Doctors also provides great resources to not only get new patients, but also keep those patients under care. By educating patients up-front about the necessity of chiropractic care, I have been able to minimize a revolving back door. Being from a rural community, many people have either never been to a chiropractor or have seen one for years and years and have what chiropractic care is to them engrained in his or her own mind. Integrity Doctors has resources to educate both the “newbies” as well as the well-seasoned.
One of my favorite “wins” in the clinic is converting the chiropractic skeptic to one who believes in wellness care and becomes lifelong. And even better, those are the ones who end up referring the most friends to become new patients. What a transformation! By helping the patient get out of pain, return to normal activity and learn about their body along the way, an entire mindset shift is able to take place!

After just two short years in practice, I know that I am only getting started. But I know that I am off to a great start by using Integrity Doctors to get off the ground. I know that I am able to provide my patients with the best care because I not only have the tools of a chiropractor, but also the tools of a businessman and educator. With all of those, I know that I am changing my community and will be around for many, many years to ensure that the people live longer, happier and healthier lives. And to me, that’s success!
Thank you Integrity Doctors for being by my side thus far!

Dr. Clint Klipfel