Integrity Doctors and their systems have directly impacted almost every aspect of patient care in our office. Having been in practice for almost 42 years, that’s no small feat! Our clinic has been at the Integrity Elite level since it’s inception, and that is only due to the guidance we have received through the valuable coaching that is provided by the Integrity Doctors’ coaches.

From the very first moment a new patient calls our office the systems kick into gear. We answer the phone with an Integrity Doctors greeting. And from there the systems just keep on working. From the way we schedule their appointments, to the Integrity Doctors new patient video. The Integrity Doctors Report of Findings script and folder. The 6 point office visit. The How to Stay Young Class. The progress report scripts and folders. The moving to wellness video. All of these Integrity Doctors’ protocols directly influence how the patient will be treated in our office. And it works!!!

But don’t forget about the other stuff. The things that help the office work that don’t directly effect the patient care. Or then again, maybe they do. Staff meetings. Integrity Doctors gives you a plan to run your staff meetings to get your staff properly trained and motivated to perform at an Elite level. A properly trained staff can run the Integrity systems without even thinking about it, because it now comes to them naturally. Proper training is the only way to make that happen.

Integrity conferences. What an awesome way to keep charged up about chiropractic and the way Integrity is leading the profession. Taking staff to see how other offices perform, let’s them know they are not alone and that other people are dealing with the same issues and winning!!! Not to mention it is an awesome way to bond with your staff outside of the office and let them see how your dream is changing lives.

And once you’ve reached the Integrity Elite level, prepare to have your mind consistently blown! Just when you thought something was impossible, one of the Elite offices comes along and proves you wrong. Then guess what, now you’re achieving what you once thought was impossible! Your dreams getting bigger and bigger!

Integrity Doctors and their systems keep working after all these decades. We are the real life proof! Without the Integrity Doctors and their systems we would not be where we are at today. Leading the charge of natural healthcare into the future and growing the prospects for greater chiropractic support in the future. Bringing chiropractic care to 80% of the population is our goal and Integrity Doctors is making that happen!

So I guess, to sum it all up in one word, in what ways have the Integrity Doctors systems impacted our patient care…EVERY way. Thank you, Integrity Doctors, for keeping us on the leading edge of this awesome profession. Without you we would not be where we are today. And for that we are grateful!

Dr. Matt Gage