The Top Flight Club is reserved for the best. The best in thinking. The best in productivity. The best in the profession. This exclusive club of offices collecting more than $40,000 per month is now made up of more than 500 members. You are not going to find another group out there with this man successful doctors all in one place. What are the benefits? Well, they are many and could all be summed up as PRICELESS!!! You will have access to incredible opportunities and priority access to all things Integrity. With exclusive practice building downloads and advice for your Top Flight practice, we have everything you need to take your successful practice even further. Enjoy special events in exotic locations and round table styled classes. We even bring in national speakers and personalities in order to give you once-in-a-lifetime memories that can only be had at Integrity Management. For example, check out this amazing video from one of our special events with sports personality and hall of fame broadcaster, Dick Vitale:

The best way to give you a feel for the benefits of the Top Flight Club is to let our Integrity doctors tell you for themselves. Here are some typical testimonials that can be multiplied by the hundreds:

“I have gone to about 20 top flights and have loved them all. I always have come back charged, rested and ready to grow to a new level with all the ideas I come back with. The classes are given on a different level, dealing with problems that I am addressing at this stage of growth. I remember the first one I ever went to, actually my first vacation after being in practice for 10 years, I wasn’t quite top flight level and felt out of place, but it really gave me the edge to push me over the glass ceiling. It has helped me realize the importance of taking vacations and still giving me the justification of doing something for my practice. Top Flight seminars even got me to pay someone else to mow my own lawn. It helped me grow personally as well as financially. Top Flight has taken me to places I would have never dreamed of going, spending money that I would have felt guilty about and enjoying a whole new way of life. I can’t imagine what my life would have been without them.” Dr. E.M.

“Top Flight seminars totally changed my life by changing the way I think. My first TF seminar was in Colorado, and I left with my head spinning. I was able to meet doctors that were doing more in 2 months than I was doing in a year, and I thought I was TF. In March, we went to Maui and that is when my realm of possibility and reality began to crumble. I can remember like it was yesterday. We were sharing our dreams, and my wife started crying when she talked about a new home for our family and wanting to be less involved in the office (she practically did everything). Needless to say by the end of May we were moving into our new home on 2 acres, and as I type this my wife is in Kansas visiting family for 10 days just a few days after our 10 day vacation! We bought a second home in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado while I was off work for 3 months recovering from an accident! Talk about a change in thinking!” Dr. R.K.

“Attending top flight getaways are like attending 10 regular seminars. You get the chance to get to know other docs and learn how the system has been implemented for every kind of practice. What is taught at the seminars gets brought full circle when you see all the different ways a single marketing activity can be done and still be successful. Learning is always easier when it is FUN and this is a great example. The Disney Top Flight was a dream come true. I took my daughter and my Mom. It never would have happened if I would not have gone for the seminar. The only thing better than watching your child watch the parade is to watch your Mom watch your child watching the parade! Magical!” Dr. T.N.

But Top Flight is more than just the additional 3 seminars you get every year. It also includes exclusive classes at the regular conferences. They are on Friday nights – we call it “Friday Night Lights” the lights stand for ideas. Ideas you get from the other Top Flight doctors as we discuss different topics easch session. Here is a list of “lights” one of our doctors took down– the notes from just one of our Friday nights in Columbus:


And this doesn’t even include the biggest benefit of them all. The relationships you form with other highly successful doctors. Chiropractic can be a very lonely profession. Truthfully, most other doctors don’t even WANT you to succeed. Top Flight is a club of chiropractors who celebrate your success and challenges you to even higher levels. It is filled with doctors who collect anywhere from Half a million a year to TWO and half million a year. Is that the kind of company you would like to keep? Are those the kind of friends you would like to have?

We could list many more benefits that you get from being a member of the Top Flight Club, but to tell you the truth, after reading all of this if you are still not interested – you are probably not qualified to be IN Top Flight. It is important that this club be restricted to the Top enthusiastic and progressive Minds!

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