Integrity Systems have impacted our patient care in several ways.

First, the priority put on staff training has helped us be more efficient in our systems allowing us to give better service to our patients. An example of the training giving our patients better service is the Right Place Right Promise part of the first visit. Helping people realize they are in the right place for their problem gives them confidence in us to help them.

Second, Integrity has helped us improve our fee system and allowed us to be more profitable as a business. This has made us able to have the proper number of staff on our team to help serve people more effectively. It has allowed us to have less mental stress about the business and focus more on the patients care.

Last, the Integrity System has given us confidence in reaching our goals because when we follow the system we are obtaining better results with our patients.

We are very grateful for Integrity and the way they have pushed us to learn a new system with the ultimate goal to help more people in our community achieve better health through consistent chiropractic care.

Dr. Scott Millner