In large part due to our membership with Integrity Doctors, Huntington Chiropractic Center is a vibrant, thriving practice in rural Indiana. Integrity has provided our clinic with a myriad of tools to assist us in reaching our goals. Every step of the way, Integrity has walked our team through the process of establishing long-term goals, then breaking them down into bite size objectives in order to make steady progress toward helping our patients, our community and the practice.

Since beginning my first practice in North Carolina in 1980, I have been a member of several management firms throughout my career as a chiropractor. Integrity Doctors is the only organization I am aware of that offers everything needed in a one-stop format. For example, when ICD 10 codes were set in motion, Integrity supplied me with all the audios and notes to ensure the transition was relatively easy. Because of the extra on their part, I didn’t have to spend an entire weekend and extra funds on classes to teach me how to implement the procedures or codes. IM supplied me with all the audios and notes so the transition was easy.

Another example of Integrity’s complete management style was the step by step training offered for every staff position. When coming onboard with Integrity Doctors, the training is methodical for doctor and staff alike as they learn office procedures, patient management, marketing strategies (both internal and external), core values, and how to plan a practice from the top down.

A third case in point regarding the thorough training offered by Integrity Doctors is training staff members for the marketing branch of the practice. In addition to providing a first class presentation through the How To Stay Young the First 100 Years, this great organization has developed strategies for taking the chiropractic story into our local community through health fair screenings, expos, lunch and learns, and in office events and turning those opportunities into productive avenues to bring new patients into the practice. They have assisted us in relentlessly telling the chiropractic story anywhere it can be shared and the results have been great for patients, our community and the clinic alike!

With the systems developed by Integrity, we have successfully raised thousands of dollars in cash, food, gifts and supplies to several organizations in our community. Just in the last year, our clinic alone has raised funds for local branches of the Salvation Army, the Boys and Girls Club, the United Way, the Council on Aging, 4-H, and Love INC (Love in the Name of Christ, a local food pantry and distribution center). Often, when new patients come to our office, they share with us that they have noticed all we do for the community through articles in our local newspapers. Without Integrity’s complete road map to success, we could not have made this incredible difference for folks in our own hometown!

As if all of the above reasons were not enough to be a member of Integrity Doctors, after providing an abundance of resources the firm backs up its training by holding events throughout the country that doctors and staff can attend on weekends while also providing coaches to assist the doctor in pressing forward toward the goals he or she has laid out for their practice.

Thank you, Integrity Doctors, for your commitment to chiropractic for our practice and for clinics throughout the country! We are honored to be a part of this great organization.

Dr. Stephen Geders