You will always be tempted to not know your stats – TO NOT LOOK AT THEM . . . maybe dig your head in the sand and say you’re “too busy.” And when you do look at them – you will be tempted to excuse them. Stats don’t lie so you must look at them – they are your honest friend. If the stats are not hitting your 5 Year Plan you can be sure of one thing – you are not doing the system! Something has been altered. Something has been dropped. Somebody or everybody has started doing it their own way and deciding things, based on their own opinion – or comfort! Don’t be fooled. Don’t choke. Don’t be blind – the scales don’t lie! There is some closet-eating going on!!!!!!

By monitoring the stats, you will know everything! If the stats are down – will the staff lie to you? You bet – no doubt. They are doing everything, right? Nothing has changed. How do you know what is the truth? You have to be confident about the scales (stats) – they always tell the truth. At Integrity, we rely on stats with coaching because our clients will lie to us all the time! The only “truth-o-meter” we have are the stats.

Use it to “evaluate” your Practice Representative that we teach you to have. There is only one reason you hired them: New Patients! You did not hire this person to have someone else to meet with. Their purpose is not calendars and conversations. There is only one purpose: New Patients! Are they doing what they are supposed to be doing? There is only one statistic that tells you that – New Patients. If they aren’t getting new patients – they aren’t doing what they are supposed to. It isn’t the “stupid neighborhood” or area – it isn’t the economy – it is the system – and they aren’t doing it. The stats don’t lie. It means they aren’t doing screenings. They aren’t doing Integrity How To Stay Young Class. They CAN’T be – if they were they would be getting new patients. The stats don’t lie.

Use stats to evaluate your finance CA. Are you collecting the money? What is your collection percentage? It tells you whether or not they are doing the system. You don’t need to know how long they are on “hold” or on the phone with the insurance company. You don’t need to hear about those “stupid insurance companies.” They need to collect the money. Everybody else is. The stats don’t lie!

Use it to know whether or not you, and everybody else, is doing the system 100% – 100% of the time – stats will tell you. If the Patient Visit Average is low, if it is dropping – you can be SURE a procedure has been slighted or dropped. Perhaps more than one. People haven’t gotten “stupid.” They are the same stupid they were 6 months ago when the number was good! Time to start checking. Time to start role-playing. Time to video yourself! I promise – the scale never lies. These numbers are dropping for a reason and the reason is because the system isn’t being done – there is a leak! Find it! Fix it! Keep current with the stats – it is essential!